Neighborhood Watch
Windermere Club became part of the Orange County Sheriff's Dept Neighborhood Watch program in the spring of 2010 through the efforts of Windermere Club resident Margie Brozanski, Coordinator and Deputy Carlos Jimenez.  She recruited volunteer block captains who each are responsible for communicating with about a dozen homes.  The list of block captains is linked on the left side of this page.  Windermere Club is located in an area of Orange County with one of the lowest crime rates.  Having a Neighborhood Watch Program puts the “neighbor” back in neighborhood, with neighbors looking out for neighbors.
  for Emergencies, call - 911
  for Non-Emergencies, call  - 407-836-HELP (4357) - Orange County Sheriff
  Some of the great tips Deputy Jimenez gave us on how to prevent crime were:
  1.  to trim shrubbery and trees away from windows and doors so potential burglars don’t have a place to hide.  
  2. Good lighting is the #1 deterrent for intruders, like motion detectors or tower lights, and putting padlocks on gates helps prevent making it easier for a burglar to load up their car out of sight, as well as keeping one’s garage door closed at all times.  
  3. It is very important to make your residence number visible from the street so emergency vehicles can easily find your house, and all exterior doors should be solid core.  
  4. If you have glass panes around your door frame you do not want your alarm panel to be visible so an intruder can see if the alarm is on or off through the glass.  Homes without an alarm system are 3 times more likely to be broken into.  
  5. One can keep their car key remote by the bedside to easily be able to push the panic button and sound the car horn if they hear someone breaking in.  
  6. You should engrave your driver’s license number on valuables, like TVs, and take pictures of your jewelry.  
  7. When going on vacation do not advertise this online or anywhere, and give a trusted neighbor or friend your key so they can keep an eye on your house when you’re gone.  Be sure to stop all newspaper and mail deliveries as well so it doesn’t look like your home is empty, and leave a couple lights on and a radio on.  Trash cans left out at the street on non-trash days are a sure sign no one is home.
  8. Don’t open the door to anyone you don’t know, and confirm with the company before opening the door if a repairman comes to your door without an appt.  It’s better to answer your door using the peephole or glass without opening it and tell who’s ever there you’re not interested rather than to not answer the door, since if no one answers the door they will assume no one is home.  You can also pretend others are home with you if you’re a woman by calling out to them when at your door so it looks like you’re not alone.  
  9. Report anything suspicious that doesn’t look right to the non-emergency number 407-836-HELP (4357), or call 911 for emergencies to report a crime, and communicate with your block captain also so they can share your info with others in our neighborhood.  
  10.  Having a Neighborhood Watch Program puts the “neighbor” back in neighborhood, with neighbors looking out for neighbors.  Be Safe! 



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